General Tire and Lifesaving South Africa partner to promote water safety across South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 20 December 2016 – We are proud to announce that the General Tire brand is officially the new title sponsor to Lifesaving South Africa (LSA). The General Tire brand is a brand of Continental Tyre South Africa. In line with the Continental Tyre South Africa road safety ‘Vision Zero’ initiative, General Tire identified the opportunity to partner with LSA to not only keep you safe on the roads but to keep you safe when you are at the beach, swimming pools or at a dam. The General Tire motto is “Anywhere is Possible,” enabling customers to enjoy their journeys and adventures. Keeping you Safe on the Road and on the Beach!

LSA is a service and sporting organisation that is committed to providing lifeguarding services and to help the development of aquatic skills to all communities of South Africa. LSA equips thousands of lifeguards with the skills needed to protect South African beaches and inland swimming areas to create safe havens for tourists and communities.

During the peak season, between December and January, South Africa experiences a high rate of drownings and road accidents. The General Tire and LSA partnership is the perfect blend of both environments, illustrating the importance of promoting safety on the road and safety on the beach.

“General Tire is proud to be associated with LSA. General Tire is committed to making a difference and partnering not only with LSA, but making a difference to all the voluntary lifeguards who contribute to the safety of the South African public,” said Niel Langner, CTSA Marketing Manager.

General Tire has come on board to support LSA across their three main areas of operations:

  1. Naming Rights Partner to both Senior and Nipper National Championships
  2. Primary Partner to LSA Duty Squads
  3. Presenting Partner to LSA Schools Water Safety Programme

Niel Langner stated, “We are both proud and excited about this opportunity to partner with LSA. We have made an initial 3-year commitment and look forward to working with lifeguards, clubs and LSA to build our profile and association with this great South African organisation and the public who enjoy the benefits of the service that LSA provides.”

“We appreciate and understand the difference this sponsorship will make to Lifesaving South Africa. We are very aware of the tough economic climate and to have an international brand like General Tire come on board to support LSA is greatly appreciated. We are committed to working closely with the General Tire team to ensure that both our and their objectives are met as we move forward together,” said Dylan Tommy, LSA President.

Treble Group is proud to have facilitated this exciting partnership. The Treble team has a thorough understanding of the sport and service LSA provides and will work with General Tire and LSA to leverage and maximise the various elements that the sponsorship provides. In due course, working with LSA, more detailed information will be coming forth regarding the opportunities and benefits General Tire plans to initiate with LSA and its associated Club.

Springbok Supporters Club brings ‘Gees’ to Cape Town Sevens

Cape Town Sevens Tournament held at Cape Town Stadium this past weekend was as much about the fans as it was the rugby.

Springbok Supporter’s Club dispatched a team of ‘gees distributors’, in the form of our Communications Team plus promoters, who took on the task of immersing into the masses at Cape Town Stadium, capturing the crowd in full supporter mode and handing out Springbok trinkets to fans with the best costumes and best supporter’s spirit.

The response on the ground was enthusiastic and the latter echoed through the social media, with all three SSC platforms coming alive during the tournament not only engaging fans attending the Sevens, but also including those who could not be there, giving them the feeling that they were right there on the stands with the other fans.

Springbok Supporter’s Club managed to capture some fantastic shots of rugby lovers in all their glory, dressed in outlandish costumes and injecting spirit into the event.

“The Springbok Supporters Club (SSC) had a presence at the HSBC Cape Town Sevens to engage and interact with supporters who attended the event. Our main aim was to create awareness around the club and to get supporters closer to the action behind the scenes.” –  Kyle Nel – MD, Treble Group on behalf of Springbok Supporters Club

Relive the Cape Town Sevens action by following the Springbok Supporter’s Club social media channels:

Facebook: Springbok Supporter’s Club
Twitter: @Saboksupporter
Instagram: @SAboksupporter

Treble delivers Food & Beverage excellence at Cape Town Sevens

The much-anticipated HSBC World Rugby Sevens Tournament kicked off in the Mother City this weekend, luring thousands of sports fans to Cape Town stadium to show support for their favourite teams.

With nearly 50 000 revellers in one space, Treble Group has taken it in their stride to be the official Food & Beverage logistical facilitator of the tournament for the second year in a row and have scored in every way possible. Drawing from the wealth of expertise within the organisation, as well as the experience drawn from last year’s data.

The Treble logistics and events team have diligently endeavoured the task of ensuring that thousands of rugby supporters at Cape Town Stadium are fed and thirsts are well quenched, whilst providing them with a variety of public food and beverage options.

Retail giants, Food Lovers Market, set up a spacious pop-up store conveniently situated on the outer concourse of the stadium and offered the public hot meals in addition to providing multiple speciality food kiosks, including a sushi bar, around the inner concourse of the stadium.

Brew masters SAB commanded a strong presence, peppering both the inner and outer concourses with watering holes to satiate even the thirstiest of fans. Taking a lesson from last year’s hits and misses, the Treble team mapped out the logistics with military precision and made certain that the points were sufficiently staffed to avoid long queues.

Fans took to social media to express their delight in the turnaround of the food and beverage component of the Sevens tournament, compared to last year’s event.

The overall vision was to give stadium visitors a relaxed, enjoyable and quality experience while delivering a food and beverage solution with accuracy, synergy and fluid efficiency.

Treble successfully activates DHL fan park at Cape Town Sevens

Treble Group executed a highly successful activation of the DHL area at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Tournament held in Cape Town on the 10th and 11th of December 2016. The activation campaign kicked off with a DHL Sevens Ticket Giveaway which involved remote controlled DHL branded racing cars which approaching unsuspecting members of the Cape Town public, surprising them with tickets to the Sevens Rugby Tournament  The area attracted myriads of fans through a variety of activities catering to both adults and children. Some of the innovative exercises included a bobbing heads lip sync challenge, remote controlled cars on a mini race track, the mechanical ball stand and the massage area.

The DHL activation area was brought to life using a branded inflatable castle and a branded cubicle which ensured that the DHL area was impossible to miss.

The bobbing heads lip sync challenge was one of the highlights of the activation due to its originative nature. The bobbing heads lip sync challenge required people to lip sync a song of their choice inside the cubicle. The faces of the participants would appear on a screen outside the cubicle where people on the DHL pavilion could watch the performance. This activity gave both the participants and viewers something to laugh about whilst still ensuring that the Treble achieved maximum presence for the DHL brand.

The massage area was another notably successful aspect of the activation, particularly for the adults. There was a constant flow of people on the DHL couches, enjoying a few minutes of downtime before they returned to the Cape Town Sevens action.

Not only was the DHL area one of the most prominent areas situated on the outer concourse, it was also highly prominent inside the stadium. The stands were filled with personalised DHL branded signs, DHL blow up sticks and DHL branded clappers. Treble’s tactical use of the promoters ensured that there was a constant DHL presence in both the inner and outer concourse of the stadium. The promoters could filter into the crowd and provide supporters with DHL gear before a game, ensuring once again, that DHL was the leading brand at Cape Town Stadium in terms of visibility.

‘The primary objective was to showcase as much visual content for DHL at the event as possible, which was achieved by using strongly branded simulators, mobile pop-up containers and inflatable domes.’ – Monrol Bailey –  Branding, Treble Group.