Treble Group secures Landrover as an official associate partner, and exclusive vehicle partner to the DHL Stormers and DHL WP

Treble Group has brought innovative thinking into the cluttered domestic rugby sponsorship market. Rather than seek 3 individual sponsors for the team jersey (which is the industry practice), Treble helped WP Rugby to rationalize and consolidate their Associate Sponsorship Programme. The aim was to secure 1 major commercial partner, rather than 3 smaller partners, and thus provide a major platform for the Associate Partner.

In this regard, Land Rover has come on board as the Official Associate and Exclusive Motor Vehicle Partner to DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province. As a result only DHL, Land Rover and Adidas will receive branding on the team apparel. Further the, WP Rugby executive, players and management will be able to build much stronger and deeper relationships with a smaller number of key partners.

The rugby season is long, and access to players and management is always an issue in sponsorships. However it is vital for players and management to bring the association and passion of the sponsorship alive beyond just match day. As a result, with a smaller number of tier1 sponsors, the ability to deliver on these demands is improved significantly.

Additionally this is a great achievement, with exciting times ahead, as DHL and Land Rover are both major sponsors of Rugby World Cup 2015, and also major sponsors of DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province.

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